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Tuesday, 5 December 2023

Yarra to introduce cashless meters

By Jenny Denton
July 5 2022 - 5:00am
Yarra to introduce cashless meters
Yarra to introduce cashless meters

Yarra City will introduce cashless parking meters by September and an e-permit system for council parking permits by March, according to the council's 2022-23 annual plan, which was adopted last month.

The plan, which lists 48 projects and activities across six areas of responsibility, includes road safety projects in Abbotsford, and North Abbotsford and studies to identify road safety projects in Richmond.

The document provides a timeframe over the next six months for the development of a draft urban design framework and draft design and development overlay provisions for Cremorne, and identifies March as the date for construction work to begin on the adaption of unused Collingwood College buildings into a kindergarten and early childhood development facility.

Also outlined in the plan is the launch of an information platform to assist business operators seeking properties and the improvement of business planning approval processes, which would be integrated with property and rating systems.

On climate and environment, the plan includes design work on the electrification of Richmond Town Hall, the installation of three more electric charging stations at 345 Bridge Rd, the purchase of an additional four electric cars and one electric truck, subject to availability, and the completion of a fleet transition plan.

It outlines the development of a "lending library of things", such as sewing machines, at Yarra City's libraries and the planting of 100 mature local trees and 1000 locally indigenous plant species around the local government area.

The plan lists a range of initiatives, such as the Leaps and Bounds Festival and Reconciliation Week events, to celebrate the area's cultural diversity.

On community engagement, it outlines a communications campaign to promote its work and encourage people to engage in decision-making processes, particularly via the Your Say Yarra platform. It also will establish a new youth-based forum to engage with young people.

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