Bart Simpson voice actor confirms celebrity family link

Carla Mascarenhas
Updated July 11 2024 - 4:53pm, first published July 10 2024 - 4:43pm

The voice actor of animated troublemaker Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright, has confirmed she is related to American hitmaker Sabrina Carpenter.

Cartwright told her 2.2million TikTok followers about the surprising connection confirming the "rumours are true" and the 25-year-old pop star was in fact her niece.

Sabrina Carpenter (left) and Nancy Cartwright. Picture by Facebook
Sabrina Carpenter (left) and Nancy Cartwright. Picture by Facebook

Answering a fan's question Cartwright described Carpenter as "pretty amazing".

"Maybe you've known me for a little while as this 10-year-old boy for like 35 years and find out I'm related to this superstar," she joked.

Simpsons fans have spotted eerie similarities between the Titan disaster and a 2006 episode of the show.

Fans were quick to respond.

One described them as a "family of talent".

Another enthused, "I love the proud Aunty vibes."

"You guys look alike, so cute," someone wrote.

Cartwright is the long-running voice of Bart Simpson on the popular animated sitcom The Simpsons which has aired since 1989 and produced 768 episodes to date.

Cartwright also voices other characters for the show including Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, Nelson Muntz and Maggie.

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