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Updated March 18 2024 - 11:33am, first published June 1 2020 - 1:30pm

You wouldn't know it from the metropolitan news you see in your social feed most days or on your TV most nights but 36 per cent of Australians live outside the capital cities.

That's 8.8 million Aussies keeping it real out here in the real Australia.

We're talking about those spectacular and spacious bits of this wide brown land that are, proudly and blissfully, not Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane.

And they are by far and away the best bits of Oz, of course - the dinky-di country towns and the idyllic coastal hamlets, the farming, mining and industrial centres that feed, power and build the nation and the large regional cities that more and more of us are calling home.

Beautiful places like northern Tasmania, where they do a roaring trade in exporting Tassie devils to New Zealand.

Wild places like Esperance in Western Australia, where, oddly, the kangaroos have developed a taste for salmon

Hidden places like Bordertown, in South Australia, where former prime minister Bob Hawke was born and where the motorbike that famously shaped his destiny is on display.

Cool and crafty places like Newcastle, where the quaint art of quilting has become Insta-fabulous and the distilling of bespoke gin is oh-so in.

Welcome to the real Australia, where the local news websites and newspapers of Australian Community Media (ACM) have for decades been the glue that brings their communities - the large and the small - together.

FISH & SKIPS: Everyone knows the tune so sing along with me, "Skippy, Skippy, Skippy, the Beach Kangaroo..."
FISH & SKIPS: Everyone knows the tune so sing along with me, "Skippy, Skippy, Skippy, the Beach Kangaroo..."

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